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Marriage Equality [an open letter] 

An Open Letter to the Select Committee Inquiry into Marriage Equality  

Submitted (as an individual) on January 10, 2017 

"Dear Committee Secretary,

I am experienced in community services delivery and the consequences of societal stigma on the opportunities, productivity, and life expectancies of those affected. 

I support marriage equality because as a visible and powerful societal structure, the exclusion of any group creates a strata based system in which those excluded are not regarded as complete people. I oppose any law which differentiates LGBTI people and/or relationships from any other, because they perpetuate and propagate stigma. They shelter and justify discrimatory conduct, behaviour, and beliefs, and facilitate ignorance. 

The message this sends young people is immensely destructive, resulting in unacceptable levels of homelessness, suicide, and mental ill health during their formative years, thoroughly impeding their opportunities to contribute to their capacity within our society, and putting their lives and wellbeing at risk. The science is now overwhelmingly clear - sexuality and gender are not a choice, and there is nothing inherently unnatural about lgbti sexuality or gender. The moral philosophy therefore follows that neither are these orientations inherently good nor bad. It is clearly and absolutely the case, however, that to knowingly legislate against persons based upon the lives into which they were born, despite the misery and suicides we know this causes, is an active choice to do harm. 

The legislation should, therefore, make it clear that there is no discrimination in Marriage regardless of sex, gender or sexual orientation because it is the right thing to do. It is the only way to undo the trauma society continues to inflict upon subsections of our society. Trauma which kills. Trauma which harms our society's productivity. Trauma which is deliberately inflicted, and has no place in a democratic society. 

Please remove all discrimination in Marriage."