“Chris Walker has been involved with two partnership agreements between different organisations I have worked with. These partnerships are ongoing and highly productive.He brings a wealth of knowledge about how to genuinely bring people together and has the planning skills to make those partnerships work.

I like Chris’s style and skill around management and planning and am pleased to have the opportunity to provide this recommendation.”

– Shane, CEO and Community Leader

“Chris is a great resource for clarifying service needs and matching the right people at the right time to meet those needs.

Chris is generous in providing his expertise and support for effective cross collaboration, being a great advocate for high need populations with strong networks for effective service improvement and delivery.”

– Monique, Director and Community Development Innovator

 “Chris was professional, prompt and instrumental in providing feedback for our recent tender application.

He is experienced with writing tenders and providing constructive criticism, a great communicator, flexible in scheduling appointments and.

He goes above and beyond and has a good attention to detail and a strong understanding of tender processes and how to structure answers.I recommend him!”

– Dana, Medical Practice Manager

“Chris can add great value to your project, organisation or enterprise. He has exceptional analytical skills, and a deep understanding of management and organisational support processes and systems.

Chris is also values driven and this shows in the way he keeps the focus on the purpose of the work he does. It’s not about ‘ticking boxes’ but about finding ‘real world’, workable solutions that are aimed at delivering great services to people (clients/Participants), and at the same time creating working environments that are healthy, efficient and sustainable.”

– Jenny, Trainer and Consultant

“I 100% recommend Chris. He has a great depth of knowledge and produced great results – I will not hesitate to use his services in the future.

Chris is a genuinely friendly and approachable person, and helped me in coping with what was a very new process outside of my realm of knowledge. He was absolutely on top of what was required to assist me, and in fact produced results above my expectations.

His extensive expertise, knowledge, and attention to detail inspired confidence, and his cooperative, open dialogue was non-judgmental, positive, and constructive. Without his depth of knowledge and understanding of the area, as well as his positive delivery of what was required, I would have been lost.

I trusted him implicitly to deliver results, and deliver he did!The final product was consistent with my values and beliefs, and it identified and expanded on strategic and operational issues which I would not have considered.

My knowledge bases, and my results, were richer and further developed as a result of this, and the product which resulted was a testament to Chris’ skill and expertise.

Thank you Chris!!!!”

– Judith, Leader of a clinical coalition tender