We understand the strain of wearing too many hats at once – we’ve been there too. Now, we provide the service we wished for, when it was us in your shoes.

We will help you solve problems, improve your cost-structure and income, and channel your purpose into meaningful results. Some example service options are presented below,  We tailor a service mix to your unique circumstances and needs, spanning skills and tools across strategy and culture; analytics; service delivery and governance, and much more (including hands-on support).

Some examples are below, but please contact us for a free and no obligation initial consult to discuss how we could most effectively work together to achieve your goals.

a picture of a camera lens being held by a hand. The lens is detached from a camera, and focussing a picture of a lake and tree-lined mountains. The rest of the lake, sky (which is blue with minimal white clouds), and mountains are out of focus.

Photo by Paul Skorupskas

See the Forest and the Trees

Analyses which Filter the Noise

Whether you have a specific problem, or want a broader understanding of your options and context, Free Flight Emu is the bird for you.

Our comprehensive analyses are objective, practical, and well-regarded. We’ll save you time and stress by uncovering what helps or hinders realisation of your purpose and objectives, and your options to affect these.

Gain more control and visibility of:

  • Sustainability, efficacy, & growth
  • User & stakeholder satisfaction
  • Market position, risk & opportunities
  • Strategic capabilities & advantages
  • Culture, cohesion, & inclusion
  • Systems, structure, & governance

by using our services, which include:

  • Assumption inventory, & hypothesis testing
  • Extensive range of  business, process, & market/environment analyses
  • Project progress & outcome review
  • Stakeholder consultation

A cityscape at twilight, from the perspective of a pilot in the cockpit of a helicopter.

Photo by Austin Neill

Turn Goals into Results

We’ll help you choose between competing options and priorities, formulate strategies, and implement lasting and effective change.Including:

  • Strategy & change management
  • Culture & engagement optimisation
  • Structural redesign

Stay Ahead of Change

A quadracopter / drone with a camera hovering at high altitude above a snowy mountain. A city can be seen in the distance, some climbers are traversing up a climbing route, and only a solar flare affects the tone of the clear sky.

Photo by Sorry imKirk

It can be difficult to stay on top of sector/market changes. Publicly available reports, in particular, often hold strategic opportunities which go un-recognised due to their length.

Using our Executive Counsel service, you get the strategic edge without losing days of your time to report-reading and data interpretation. Instead, we will digest these as they pertain to your and your services, and compress into relevant, accessible, and responsive precis and discussion.

This is our most proactive, and best value service. More comprehensive information is forthcoming, but the service is available immediately. Please email or call us to discuss.

Other Services and Benefits

Some of the benefits of our services include:

  • Values embodied into workflow
  • Cultural change
  • Greater client, workforce, and funder satisfaction
  • Enhanced reputation
  • Workload relief
  • Reduced costs
  • Increased income
  • New and/or more sustainable competitive advantage and flexibility
  • Robust and effective governance
  • Identification and aversion of risks
  • Refined supply chain
  • Early recognition of and response to project derailment warning signs
  • Enhanced project learning insights
 Some of the services available from Free Flight Emu Include:

  • Strategic prioritisation
  • Problem Identification and Resolution
  • Collaboration/Consortia establishment
  • Strategic Planning
  • Document Creation
  • Report Summaries
    • summarising policy documents
    • including possible interpretations and consequences
  • Group Consultation / Facilitation
  • ‘Gun for hire’ project support
  • Tender/Bid management
  • Implementation coaching
  • Analytics


We price fairly, and are receptive to offers of in-kind services.

Subject to circumstances, discounts may be available for projects consistent with the priorities specified in our Values Framework.