Sharpen Your Edge

We'll help you solve problems, identify obstacles and opportunities - and to navigate them. 

In an increasingly competitive service environment, we'll look beyond the surface, and deliver results consistent with your bigger picture. We'll help you build sustainable, strategic, and purposeful services, which efficiently reduce costs and improve your bottom line. 

We tailor our services specifically to your needs 

Rather than offer rigid service categories, we mix expertise across fields to flexibly meet your needs. 

We'll assist with big and small alike - whether individual tasks during periods of high activity, whole of project flexible support, or oversight and/or evaluation of larger projects. We are responsive, flexible, and proactive - by helping you sooner, we save you time, effort, and money.

Please call or email us for a free, friendly, and obligation-free initial consult to discuss how we could most effectively work together to achieve your goals.

Emancipate Your Difference


A selection of the ways we could help you includes (but is far from limited to):

  • Finding assumptions, and testing hypotheses
  • Gaining customer insights
  • Incidental "one-off" task/activity support
  • Designing and refining your unique value proposition (service mix)
  • Mapping your strategic position against competitors, and planning your strategies
  • Evaluating and innovating your services


  • Financial and service outcome modelling
  • Planning and managing change
  • Coaching new, or experienced leaders in the novel service environments
  • Becoming a competitive NDIS provider
  • Harnessing diverse mindsets, and improving inclusive practices
  • Improving supply chain flexibility 
  • Consultation and facilitation
  • Funding submission support/management
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Refining governance, and reviewing policies and procedure
  • Coaching and rigour-testing new initiatives
  • Analysis, research and evaluation


and much more...


Service Benefits Include¹:

  • Make robust decisions, informed by identified cost, income and growth lever implications, market trends, and targeted strategic insights
  • Demonstrably more efficient and effective services, which deliver value for money
  • Attract new participants, and attain a high retention rate
  • Successful projects, consistent with the bigger picture  
  • Become a leading NDIS provider
  • Uncover and understand market threats and opportunities
  • New competitive advantages, and improved strategic agility
  • Reduced process time/costs, increased income, and improved bottom-line
  • Quantified social impact  
  • More successful funding submissions
  • Positive culture-shifts, and enhanced reputation
  • More satisfied participants, workforce, and funders 
  • Robust governance and effective risk management
  • Organisational learning effectively applied to new initatives
  • Create sustainability, without compromising your values


Our main driver is non-financial. We price fairly, and keep costs down. 

We don't want you to pay any more than you need to achieve your goals, so we need to discuss your needs before we can quote you. We'll also reduce final costs where requirements were much less than expected.

We are receptive to offers of in-kind services, and offer discounts for values-aligned projects and/or longer term commitments.

Our solutions help you remain ahead of changing environments, and true to your purpose.

By understanding your needs, and those of your services, their recipients, and funders, we create sustainable value across your supply chain. 

For more information, or just to chat (at no cost) about your challenges and needs, please: call Chris on 0434 287 924, or send us an email via*. 
 * Why 'Boom'? Emu communication is largely gestural, but vocal communication is often described as sounding like a boom.
¹ Service benefits are examples only, based on previous successes, and reasonable service projections. This page in no way intends to suggest you will experience all (or necessarily any) of these benefits, nor should it be so interpreted. Your actual results will vary dependant on your needs, circumstances, and decisions.