Filter the Noise

We uncover what helps and hinders your purpose and objectives in coming to fruition - saving you time, stress, and creating opportunities to extend your impact. 

 Our analyses are practical, objective, and comprehensive; and well suited to both specific situations and problems, or gaining a broader insight into your circumstances and options. 

For example: 

- Assess performance and its trajectory 

-Uncover and understand market opportunities and threats 

-Reduce process costs and duration 

-Enhance efficiency and efficacy 

-Inform decisions, equip projects, and strengthen bids with robust, targeted data

Turn Goals into Results

Using our expertise and experience in strategic change management, we'll help you align culture, process, and market forces into a cohesive strategy for effective and lasting change.  

We'll help you recognise and manage assumptions, articulate and test hypotheses, and establish a constructive culture and framework conducive to creating and sustaining success. 

 Examples include: 

- Strategic planning and facilitation 

- Program/service design 

- Implementation coaching 

- Managing culture, cohesion, and inclusion

 - Identify variances between stakeholder experience, satisfaction, and needs

Stay Ahead of Change


Staying on top of sector/market changes can be exhausting. Let us free you to focus on the things which matter most. 

Free Flight Emu's Executive Counsel service distills heavy reports into light conversation (or precis), rich with strategic content tailored specifically to your needs and circumstances. 

 Save days of reading, and stay ahead of the curve.​This is our most proactive and best value service. Please email or call us for more information.



Service benefits include:

Our main driver is non-financial, so we price fairly, and strive to keep costs down. Due to our breadth of scope we can't give quotes without first discussing your needs. 

 Subject to circumstances, we are receptive to offers of in-kind services, and offer discounts for values-aligned projects.

  • Positive cultural change 
  • Greater client, workforce, and funder satisfaction 
  • Enhanced reputation
  • Workload relief
  • Reduced costs
  • Increased income 
  • New and/or more sustainable competitive advantage and flexibility​​  
  • Robust and effective governance
  • Identify & avoid risks 
  • Improve supply chain flexibility
  • Recognise and avoid project risks before they derail you
  • Enhance project learning insights 
  • Increase visibility & control over sustainability, efficacy, & growth


For more information, or just to chat (at no cost) about your challenges and needs, please: call Chris on 0434 287 924, or send us an email via*.



 * Why 'Boom'? Emu communication is largely gestural, but vocal communication is often described as sounding like a boom.

Sharpen Your Edge 

We'll help you solve problems, identify obstacles and opportunities - and to navigate them. 

In an increasingly competitive service environment, we'll sharpen your edge. We'll help you build sustainable, strategic, and purposeful services, which efficiently reduce costs and improve your bottom line. 

We'll assist with big and small alike - whether individual tasks during periods of high activity, whole of project flexible support, or oversight and/or evaluation of larger projects. We are responsive, flexible, and proactive - by helping you sooner, we save you time, effort, and money.

We tailor our services specifically to your needs 

Rather than offer rigid service categories, we mix expertise across fields to flexibly meet your needs. Examples of typical service clusters can be found by following the buttons to the right, and may include any of the following, and more:

Please call or email us for a free, friendly, and obligation-free initial consult to discuss how we could most effectively work together to achieve your goals.

What the NDIA Says

"A value proposition that is responsive to the new market opportunities and to participants as consumers in a retail environment"

What it Means

Service providers should design their services to attract new clientele, based on a real (and tested) understanding of participants' lived experience

How We Can Help 

  • Acquire new customer insights
  • Find (and make) small tweaks with big impacts
  • Design/re-design sustainable high-quality services and processes

"commitment to efficient but sustainable service models"

"good governance and customer feedback mechanisms"

"A flexible and increasingly mobile workforce that actively supports participants to achieve independence and inclusion"

"adequate investment in ICT that is aligned to the new business requirements"

"strong financial management and understanding of cost drivers associated with individualised funding"

"A value proposition that is responsive to the new market opportunities and to participants as consumers in a retail environment"

"Service offers that meet the needs and preferences of participants, including offers developed as a result of partnerships with other organisations"


"A value proposition that is responsive to the new market opportunities and to participants as consumers in a retail environment" 


Successful providers will truly understand participants' barriers, frustrations, and aspirations - and how these inform market opportunities (segments). 

They will attract new participants (and retain existing ones) by innovating solutions which distinctly mix service elements to segment needs¹ (e.g. flexibility, customisability, or price, etc), and continuously improving upon these.

We can help with all areas of this process, & have found the 

  • Improve how processes affect customer experiences
  • Assumption Inventories and Hypothesis Testing
  • Value Stream Mapping 
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Service Design/Re-Design
  • Market Segmentation and Participant Consultation