Sustainable. Strategic. Purposeful.


Free Flight Emu provides contracted project support services to community managed organisations, and for-purpose initiatives.

We support you to focus attention on value adding activities, and better understand how other business functions inform, enhance, and drive both core activities, opportunities for growth. 

Emancipate Your Difference


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Ready Your Services for the NDIS, and other sector reforms.

We strive to understand what drives you, where you want to be, and help you identify and navigate obstacles and opportunities. We create sustainable value across your supply chain; help you to build sustainable, strategic, and purposeful services, reduce your costs, and increase clients and income. 

Our solutions help you remain ahead of changing environments, and true to your purpose.

We will help you with big and small alike - whether individual tasks during busy periods, flexible whole of project support, or oversight and/or evaluation of larger initiatives. We are responsive, flexible, and proactive - by helping you sooner, we save you time, effort, and money. 

​We free you to focus on what matters to you, what you're best at, and what gets you out of bed. 


Call Chris today (on 0434 287 924) for an obligation free chat about how we may be able to help you.


Service benefits include:

Our main driver is non-financial, so we price fairly, and strive to keep costs down. Due to our breadth of scope we can't give quotes without first discussing your needs. 

 Subject to circumstances, we are receptive to offers of in-kind services, and offer discounts for values-aligned projects.

  • Positive cultural change 
  • Greater client, workforce, and funder satisfaction 
  • Enhanced reputation
  • Workload relief
  • Reduced costs
  • Increased income 
  • New and/or more sustainable competitive advantage and flexibility​​  
  • Robust and effective governance
  • Identify & avoid risks 
  • Improve supply chain flexibility
  • Recognise and avoid project risks before they derail you
  • Enhance project learning insights 
  • Increase visibility & control over sustainability, efficacy, & growth


For more information, or just to chat (at no cost) about your challenges and needs, please: call Chris on 0434 287 924, or send us an email via*.



 * Why 'Boom'? Emu communication is largely gestural, but vocal communication is often described as sounding like a boom.