Bid Submission Special Offer




Tender Season is Upon Us 

November is one of Australia's busiest times for tendering and grant-seeking. Funders are keen to get ready for the year ahead, and new and existing service providers alike have the opportunity to showcase their achievements and great service ideas. 

Successful submissions can be world changing. 

But there’s a limited pot for funders to distribute from, so not every good idea can be funded. Only ~10% of funding submissions are granted, so it’s important to put your best foot forward.

For a very limited time, we are offering 40% discount on pre-bookings made for the tender season.

We don't like having to say no when you're under the pump and we're already booked out. This discount makes life easier for you and us alike, by letting us both plan ahead. For this reason, to receive the discount we need to confirm booking and receive payment before October 20, 2017. 

Don't worry if this is too short a timeframe though, we also have a second-chance 25% discount for payments received between 20th October, and 3rd November.

Don't know what you need yet? No problem! 

Your booking is flexible - sprinkle time across the tender season (Nov-Dec), or knock out that tender all in one go - it's your call¹. 

Control your spend - we know it's better to have access to support and not need it, than to find yourself overwhelmed and without the time and headspace to source some help. By prebooking, you have responsive access to support, but without the cost this would traditionally bear. 

If you have any time left over, we'll even refund some of your booking².

By prebooking, you set an upper threshold for your costs, giving you complete visibility and control over costs - and effectively inverting the traditional consulting/tendering model.

Tender Season Gets Busy! Call us now for peace of mind, on: 
0434 287 924
  1. subject to availability
  2. terms and conditions apply, please see below

What Our Clients Have Said... 

"Chris Walker has been involved with two partnership agreements between different organisations I have worked with. These partnerships are ongoing and highly productive.He brings a wealth of knowledge about how to genuinely bring people together and has the planning skills to make those partnerships work.​I like Chris's style and skill around management and planning and am pleased to have the opportunity to provide this recommendation."
"Chris was professional, prompt and instrumental in providing feedback for our recent tender application.He is experienced with writing tenders and providing constructive criticism, a great communicator, flexible in scheduling appointments and.​He goes above and beyond and has a good attention to detail and a strong understanding of tender processes and how to structure answers.I recommend him!"
"...Chris is also values driven and this shows in the way he keeps the focus on the purpose of the work he does. It's not about 'ticking boxes' but about finding 'real world', workable solutions that are aimed at delivering great services to people (clients/Participants), and at the same time creating working environments that are healthy, efficient and sustainable."
"I 100% recommend Chris. He has a great depth of knowledge and produced great results - I will not hesitate to use his services in the future.​Chris is a genuinely friendly and approachable person, and helped me in coping with what was a very new process outside of my realm of knowledge. He was absolutely on top of what was required to assist me, and in fact produced results above my expectations.His extensive expertise, knowledge, and attention to detail inspired confidence, and his cooperative, open dialogue was non-judgmental, positive, and constructive. Without his depth of knowledge and understanding of the area, as well as his positive delivery of what was required, I would have been lost.I trusted him implicitly to deliver results, and deliver he did! The final product was consistent with my values and beliefs, and it identified and expanded on strategic and operational issues which I would not have considered.My knowledge bases, and my results, were richer and further developed as a result of this, and the product which resulted was a testament to Chris’ skill and expertise.Thank you Chris!!!!"
"Chris is a great resource for clarifying service needs and matching the right people at the right time to meet those needs.Chris is generous in providing his expertise and support for effective cross collaboration, being a great advocate for high need populations with strong networks for effective service improvement and delivery."

Terms and Conditions

  1. A pre-booking is accepted and confirmed only upon receipt of invoice from Free Flight Emu.
  2. Legacy rates are not eligible for discount.
  3. Use of banked hours is subject to availability. Free Flight Emu will go to all reasonable effort to facilitate optimal convenience, but is not bound by this offer to submit to every request. Both parties agree to exercise reasonable flexibility and notice when arranging or changing agreed commitments.
  4. The buyer will notify Free Flight Emu of their critical time constraints as soon as is reasonably possible, and Free Flight Emu will, at their earliest convenience, review scheduling, and bring any forseeable challenges to the buyers attention. In the event of unresolvable scheduling conflicts during this planning phase, Free Flight Emu will refund the entirety of received payment.
  5. Unused hours will be refunded at a rate of 50% initial (per hour) purchase value, within 14-days of receipt of invoice to Free Flight Emu requesting refund.
  6. Refunds unclaimed by February 1st, 2018 are forfeit and no longer eligible for refund. Free Flight Emu will issue one reminder of this clause, but adherence is the responsibility of the buyer.
  7. Free Flight Emu may, at its sole discretion offer in-kind service alternatives to a cash refund, although the buyer is under no obligation to accept and may choose to receive refund as per original agreement, subject to the above conditions being met.
  8. Only payments received before  October 20, 2017 are eligible for 40% discount. Free Flight Emu reserves the right to reduce output by 3.2 hours per day of late payment, without refund (equivalent to negation of the discount for that day).