About Us




Free Flight Emu helps people who change lives and communities. We help identify and solve the problems which otherwise dampen your outcomes. 

 We do this by understanding their purpose and challenges, uncovering their drivers, and providing them with relevant tools, information, and tangible support. 

Ultimately, we create services and communities, which are more sustainable, effective, and meaningful. 

 Emancipate Your Difference.

A Little Context

Free Flight Emu recognises organisational values as core strengths upon which to build purpose-oriented sustainability, and we enable access by purpose-oriented initiatives to these strategy, sustainability and governance services by pricing fairly.

 Free Flight Emu is led by Chris Walker, an experienced strategic leader, with over ten-years’ experience in service and process re/design, change management and strategic leadership, and stakeholder relationship management. Chris has been most often called upon to steer organisations through turbulent or changing times, and started the organisation in recognition of, and response to, the complex challenges faced by not-for-profits and socially-oriented ventures as they transition into new market-environments, for which many are under-equipped. 

Free Flight Emu blends an appreciation of diverse mindsets with data-informed decision-making, and has established a reputation for meaningful consultation, rigorous and objective analysis, and presenting opportunities which are pragmatic, sustainable, and values-aligned.


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