Values Oriented Consulting

Free Flight Emu helps people like you, who change lives and communities, to identify and solve the problems which get in the way of the difference you make.

We strive to understand your purpose and challenges, uncover what drives them, and will provide you with the relevant tools, information, and tangible support to build upon these; together, we create services and communities which are more sustainable, effective, and meaningful.

Emancipate Your Difference.

Some of the benefits so far enjoyed by our clients include: Some of our previous work includes:
  • ~350% increase in referrals and ~70% reduction in time-costs;
  • Diverse and effective community consultation;
  • Accurate demand prediction, capacity tracking;
  • Controlled but significant services expansion;
  • Improved capacity recognition and application;
  • Responsive capacity enhancement;
  • Major funding expansions.
  •  Process mapping and improvement;
  • Service/s revitalisation;
  • Current state analyses;
  • Strategic and operational planning;
  • Change management;
  • Consortia formation;
  • Collaboration management;
  • Funding submission coordination;
  • Mentoring and coaching;
  • Community consultation;
  • Strategic planning facilitation

Our philosophy is to create shared value; by understanding the needs and interactions of services, their recipients, and funders, we identify and build upon opportunities which benefit each. Our solutions help you remain ahead of changing environments, and true to your purpose.

For more information, or just to chat about your challenges and needs, please: call Chris on 0434 287 924, or send us an email via